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We are 360° data enthusiasts and fully independent. We offer marketers cutting-edge digital advertising solutions that are proven to drive superior ROI. We concentrate on the essentials, which are the design and optimization of programmatic campaigns. Because despite all the automation developments, we believe that the decisive factor for marketing success is real craftsmanship and constant questioning.

To unfold maximum impact, all digital marketing, including mobile marketing, needs to be steered & measured on the base of a centralized ad-serving infrastructure, using state of the art attribution.
– Ad-Serving & Measurement: Adform, DoubleClick Campaign Manager; Facebook Atlas Solutions
– Attribution Tools: AdClear, Exactag, Flashtalking, Google Analytics 360 Suite, intelliAd
– Mobile Intelligence: adjust, AppsFlyer, HasOffers by Tune, Kochava
Overcome the boundaries of traditional ex-post market research & understand your future customers‘ behavior prior to a campaign - use this knowledge to steer your Display, Search, Mobile and Social activities most efficiently.
– Analysis of topics & keywords your customers engage with on their path to your site
– Insight into your prospects' interactions, before they visit your shop and purchase something
– Budget-optimization by segmentation based on real user behavior
Address new customers more efficiently - reach only users that show distinct interest in your product, optimize frequencies across inventory and deliver the proper message in the right context.
– Audience Targeting: socio-demography, interest & purchase intent (behavior)
– Contextual, time, geographic & technical targeting
– Custom Audiences: statistical twinning & look-alike modeling
Exploit the full customer potential with just the right messaging - concentrate your advertising solely on users, that are valuable customers with a proven intent & auspicious buying history.
– Smart Retargeting: predicated on actual user intent & on-site engagement
– Re-Engagement: value-based, CRM-driven activation of previous customers
– Dynamic Creatives: defined by what your users actually view on your site
There is no single platform that serves best for all digital marketing purposes - let your campaigns thrive without limitations in technology & data and profit from the best set-up you can get.
– Demand Side & Data Platforms: Adform, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Semasio, Turn, Amazon Advertising
– Specialized Mobile & Video DSPs: Brightroll, Liverail, Tubemogul, Sitescout, Pocketmath
– Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

We create outstanding results for our clients

Case Study  
C&A decided to open up new sales potential for women’s and kid’s wear through programmatic advertising. Our measures in Display Prospecting have proven to generate incremental growth in revenues.
Case Study  
In order to optimize ROAS (return on advertising spend) and to increase absolute return via prospecting, Roller chose to cut back various traffic suppliers, and shifted the entire media plan towards RTB centrally with us.
Case Study  
In the highly competitive market for term deposits, we successfully drove awareness and generated new customers for SavingGlobal / Raisin through look-alike modeling and continuative strategies.
Case Study  
The target group for consumer credits is hard to identify and grasp via display advertising. We achieved to reach new customers for SWK Bank with custom targets at a very ambitious revenue to cost ratio.

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Our Management Team

David Lange
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Dmitrij Propp
Head of Data & Analytics
Daniel Skoda
Managing Partner
Viktor Eichmann
Co-Founder & Managing Director